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Advocacy in Action: A Journal Club

Here is an example of advocacy on behalf of weight-inclusive policy, including students speaking up, faculty and staff supporting them, and administrators listening. Learn about a Fat Justice Journal Club and its advocacy project.

Creating Weight-Inclusive Workplaces

Creating workplaces that are inclusive of people of all sizes involves physical and visual aspects, as well as the topics of "water cooler banter." Explore ways that both organizations and individuals can make people of all sizes feel welcome at work.

Feeling Comfortable

What do we mean by "feeling comfortable in our body," and where do these “feelings” come from? An examination of what underlies these feelings is critical to uprooting our own implicit anti-fat bias and working toward body liberation for all.

Weight-Inclusive Policy

One of the most fundamental ways that we can enshrine our values is to create policy that manifests those values. Weight-inclusive policy aligns with principles of inclusion (anti-discrimination), access (universal design), and human rights.

Representation in the Classroom

Seeing ourselves represented in our environment helps us to know that we belong here, and this includes in the classroom. We can make changes that get us closer to class experiences of respect and dignity for students of all sizes.

Do I Fit Here?

For people in larger bodies, there are daily reminders that they do not fit here, that they do not belong. They must be constantly thinking about these things and planning how to navigate a world not built for them.

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