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The Dietitian’s Role in Body Liberation

By Stasha Hornbeck - If I’m not prescribing “what to eat” anymore, what is a dietitian to do? One clinical dietitian and diabetes educator shares the ways she is shifting from a weight-normative to a weight-inclusive, trauma-informed approach in a large healthcare environment.

Body Liberation Fits in Public Health, Reason #1

Correlation ≠ Causation: A body liberation approach enables us to be truer to the values that underlie our work. In this series of articles, we examine ways we can improve our public health work by becoming more weight-inclusive.

Reviewing “Weight Science”

Weight science refers to research about weight loss methods, and the connection between weight and various health conditions, including purported harms of higher weights, and claims of efficacy and benefits of weight loss.

Stress 101

A basic understanding of our human stress response is helpful for making sense of the role of weight stigma and other oppressions on our health. Reducing the chronic stress of weight stigma can improve health.

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