Category: Basics

Creating Weight-Inclusive Workplaces

Creating workplaces that are inclusive of people of all sizes involves physical and visual aspects, as well as the topics of "water cooler banter." Explore ways that both organizations and individuals can make people of all sizes feel welcome at work.

Representation in the Classroom

Seeing ourselves represented in our environment helps us to know that we belong here, and this includes in the classroom. We can make changes that get us closer to class experiences of respect and dignity for students of all sizes.

Eating Disorders

There are a lot of incorrect assumptions about eating disorders, and participating in body liberation requires knowing some basic correct information. You cannot tell if a person has an eating disorder by looking at them.

Stress 101

A basic understanding of our human stress response is helpful for making sense of the role of weight stigma and other oppressions on our health. Reducing the chronic stress of weight stigma can improve health.

Do I Fit Here?

For people in larger bodies, there are daily reminders that they do not fit here, that they do not belong. They must be constantly thinking about these things and planning how to navigate a world not built for them.

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